NYCxDESIGN is an annual event that celebrates design and creativity across New York City. Over the past decade, the festival has grown from a small gathering of like-minded creatives to a city-wide festival spanning all five boroughs. 

Design Minded has been working with NYCxDESIGN for years to develop their annual campaign collateral, which advertised upcoming events on bus shelters and billboards across New York City.

In 2020 we were invited to give the brand a long overdue refresh. This included cleaning up the logo, establishing typography and colors, and developing a design system that will last for years to come.

  • brand uplevel
  • visual identity
  • brand guide
  • activation
  • website design
  • campaign collateral
  • digital design
NYCx Design Billboard
NYCxDESIGN Brand Guide
NYCxDESIGN Wheatpaste